Modern Wall Art Trends That Will Work Great For Your Home Decor

Modern Wall Art Trends That Will Work Great For Your Home Decor

2022 is kicking off strong for home decor enthusiasts! Modern art is in vogue and is making a splash as choice able wall hangings. 

Modern art is known to be the expression of our most complex thoughts and emotions. Some pieces create a certain calm, while others may feature a myriad of vivid colours that bring life to any room.

In this post, we will cover the most exciting and creative trends in modern wall art for 2022 based on the trends of new upcoming artists and artwork in the market.


1. Monochrome Modern Wall Decor

Black and white art seems to remind us of the fact that classics never seem to go out of style. Since it doesn’t include any colours, Black and white modern art is more likely to be perceived as a classic, timeless piece. Having the knowledge that black does well on every other colour, this trend can complement your space no matter what tone you chose for your wall.

Black and white modern art doesn’t seem to be leaving the centre stage any time soon. Monochromatic art provides a massive amount of contrast to any decor. In 2022  we are going to see more and more artists taking advantage of the great contrast between these two most basic and classic tones in their works and using this contrast to create amazing works of art.


2. Modern Line Art

One art trend that seems to be on the rise in recent years is the different forms of line art. This technique involves an abstract depiction of scenes using thin, concise and mostly continuous lines. Even though we’re talking about thin lines, abstract line art can have a huge positive influence on any home decor just by being there.

Line art generates a sense of minimalism so it can be incorporated in complex home decor scenes, bringing them together and creating order within the “chaos”. Some modern line art may seem “simple” to the untrained eye but great artists can convey very deep and complex ideas through the use of allegedly simple lines.


3. Global Influence On Modern Wall Art

We’ve become accustomed to travelling freely around the world. It has been so long since any of us could travel freely to other countries. Most people would say travelling is the thing they missed the most in 2020-21.

There is no substitute for visiting new places and experiencing different cultures. Now, More than ever, It’s important to keep a reminder to ourselves that the world is enormous, That there are a lot of different places and cultures out there.

Some places and cultural symbols may remind different people of different things. Experiences you had in that place, The people you met, The emotions they made you feel. If you can find an art piece that brings all of that to mind it’s definitely worth making room for in your home.


4. Modern Art Portraits

One of the things that were rough for me this year was the need to limit my social encounters to a minimum. Just walking down the street, Looking at all the different faces is something that a lot of people missed this year due to the global pandemic.

This year will bring more artists who create artworks that give us the sense that we are not alone and remind us that there are others out there just like us. Great artists can capture the entire essence of a person with a single artwork. In 2022 we hope to see more inspiring artworks that grant us a glimpse into the soul of the subject just by looking at them.


5. Chaotic Modern Wall Art

Most of us spent a lot of time at home this year. It can get pretty quiet and surreal between these 4 walls. This year, we will see more artworks that depict chaotic scenes and emotions. We need to be reminded that the world used to be a very chaotic place with a lot of visual and audible stimulations. 


2021 has paved the way for many new and upcoming artists by bringing these new trends and viral hits to the art scene. A mix of modern and laid back, this year also promises a range of art that is stealing the scene and attracting the attention of the local crowd.  

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