Master The Art Of Minimalism With Our Top 5 Black And White Wall Art Paintings Unders ₹1000

Master The Art Of Minimalism With Our Top 5 Black And White Wall Art Paintings Unders ₹1000

The art of minimalism is a concept many love but are not able to project in their daily lifestyle. Especially when it comes to home decor and art, many homeowners prefer to keep it simple and classy with modern interiors and minimalistic wall art instead of a vibrant and flashy palette. Wall art paintings have always played a big role in capturing neutral tones to elegantly complement a minimalistic home decor and lifestyle.

If you’re looking for wall art decor for a minimalistic house or office, the best option is to go for black and white wall art designs that stand out against a plain white background. Monochromatic wall art paintings create an impactful focal point while complementing all the neutral colours in the space. And there are a lot of affordable black and white options under ₹1000 that will help you decide the perfect theme for your room. Check it out below.


Fading Brush Strokes- Black and White Watercolour Art

Elegant yet simple, this pattern of watercolour brushstrokes in art print can be a great addition to your minimal study room decor. Pair it up with a cosy rug and swing or a simple seating area along with some plants to add a pop of colour to your room for a minimal study space.

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Brush Abstract Art – Black and White Abstract Art

Bold and beautiful, this black and white abstract wall art painting is everything you need for your wall space. Black and white art suits best with monochromatic furniture and space design and judging from this image, it can be a picture-perfect addition to your living room or hallways. 

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The Road Not Taken- Travel Inspired Artwork

Dreaming of the perfect getaway? This black and white wall art painting is perfect for your bedroom or seating space to remind you of those well deserved holidays in the Sun. Reminisce of the long-gone Summer vacations on the road with this elegant yet nostalgic wall art.

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All Eyes On A Pretty Face- Black and white figurative art

Figurative art pieces are all the rage right now, especially in minimal homes, art prints depicting the graceful female form or a sultry face showcase superior artwork and elegance. This black and white figurative wall art painting is an absolute necessity to your bedroom or any empty wall space to add a simple feminine touch. 

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Beautiful Sunset In Sea- Black and white nature canvas art

In for a calm and relaxed evening? Bathe in the relaxing ocean vibes at home with this elegant and attractive black and white art print. Even though the art showcases a sunset and coastal vibes, the black and white colour palette adds a contemporary and minimal touch to the space. 

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Minimalistic home decor is always difficult to achieve because of the need to create a balance between necessity and aesthetic. Minimalism requires very little to no home decor so the challenge has always been to add elements with neutral or monochrome tones that complement your space design. Needless to say, black and white wall art is the best option for a minimal home.

If you’re looking for elegant black and white wall art paintings for your home, head over to GoingDesi to find pieces that reflect your style and bring your creative vision to life.

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