Make Your Home Decor More Fun With These 4 Wall Art

Make Your Home Decor More Fun With These 4 Wall Art

Whether it is about starting an independent life in your brand new home or transforming the old space to give it a twist, every homeowner looks for ways to get colourful with the space they live in. A home is a reflection of your soul and therefore you treat it like a blank canvas where you can pour your creativity and heart out. 

Most homeowners opt for colourful home decor to brighten the space as well to showcase creativity and art. One of the more fun ways you can do this is to mix stunning wall art with your home decor to make your room come to life. Here are 4 ways to use wall art prints to bring a pop of colour into your home!


1. Stick To A Theme

It’s always good to have a theme in mind before you start decorating the space. Living rooms and hall spaces are generally more suited for a themed decor so you might want to consider the setting, tone and design of the room before you invest in furniture, decor and wall art to fill the space. 

This space is a great example of a modern themed space with an overall rose gold colour that is spread all over the room. Even the wall art matched the chair and the decor piece. And since there is a hint of minimalism, everything else in the room is kept to a bare minimum of gray shades.

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2. Play With Contrast

Already have a colourful wall? The best way to decorate an accent wall is to hang contrasting and vibrant wall arts that stand out! 

Take this room decor for example, the orange accent wall already grabs the attention of the viewer but it then directs them to the wall art which stands out as a modern piece of wall art that gives the space a chic and classy vibe. When combined with a chair that has a hint of orange, it ties the entire room together and complements the setting.

With two bold decor elements in place, you wouldn’t have to worry about the rest of the space at all. 

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3. Bring Out Your Artistic Side

Who doesn’t fall for abstract wall art? 

Abstract wall art has the power to transform your entire room with just one piece, so you should be careful before selecting your art piece. Abstract art already has so much colour and composition in the painting itself that the rest of the room can be left minimalistic to focus on the art. Therefore, the best place to hang an abstract wall art is behind a sofa or in a corner where you can limit or control the colours to a degree. 

This image is a great example of it. The abstract wall art in itself showcases the vibrant blue that stands out from the rest of the painting. When carefully combined with the blue couch it completes the entire setting making the room look like an artists paradise.

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4. Give It A Modern spin

You can always transform your old room into a creative spot by adding some modern elements to the space. Even without painting the entire space, you can throw in some cute pillow, add a big stand alone ladder or a custom wooden shelf in the shape of a triangle to hold decor items that add colour and contrast to the room. 

You can also go for quirky wall art pieces similar to the one in the image, that add a pop of colour to your white walls and make the space come to life. This wall art piece is specifically chosen for the room because the overall white brick effect matches with the background of the room and yet the wall art stands out with the pink and black colours.

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It’s not very hard to make your space a little more colourful and creative to live in. The key is to visualize the colours and theme before using that first stroke of paint on the wall or buying a wall art for decoration. You can start by visualizing one wall or starting off with one colour that you would like to decorate your room around and slowly the whole space will come to life. If you’re still confused you can take these tips as inspiration to start your home decor!

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