Learn The 5 Secrets Behind Incorporating Wall Art In Home Decor!

Learn The 5 Secrets Behind Incorporating Wall Art In Home Decor!

More often than not, homeowners purchase art paintings not only for the aesthetics but also for the positive vibes it brings into your home. Indians have believed for centuries in the power of animal art paintings or Indian art which is auspicious in the Hindu culture. So it does not come as a surprise when we say art paintings can, to a certain extent, positively affect the harmony in your house and benefit your home.

Even if you do not believe in the spiritual side of wall art and its benefits, Canvas art paintings in general, pose many design and aesthetical benefits that can easily transform your home decor. From artwork that uplifts the mood and changes the aura of the space to wall art prints that embellished your home decor, there are a multitude of ways how incorporating art can benefit your home decor! Take a look:


1. Wall Art Makes Your House Look Spacious

Large scale artwork like murals or full-length canvas art prints make your room look visibly bigger. This is one of the concrete benefits of adding bold and vibrant wall art to your space. You can even make your room accented by applying mural on one side of the room and leaving other walls untouched. 

The best part is large-scale art or murals have the uplift the vibe of the space and transform it into something amazing. And this kind of artwork stays on longer than traditional paint jobs. 

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2. Art Prints Awaken A Range Of Emotions

Many interior designers and individuals choose canvas art or any other art print depending on the feel and the vibe the room gives out. This process of incorporating artwork which aligns with your style and evokes certain emotions is very healthy and even helps you understand the outcome of the space. Colours always play an important role in bringing out the right aesthetic and emotion to any space. Here’s a colour chart for you to refer:

Green Natural, Stable, Prosperous

Yellow Cheerful, Friendly, Revitalization

Red Passionate, Aggressive, Intensity

Blue Calming, Inviting, Trust

Purple Mysterious, Luxurious, Romantic

Brown/Nudes Grounded, Earthy, Strength

Incorporating art based on colours also helps you match the overall theme of the space. For example, if you have accented furniture in the room, you can easily buy wall art that complement the furniture and other design elements in the room.

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3. Abstract Art Paintings That Bring A Fresh Feel:

The addition of abstract wall art and art prints can be effective in jazzing up the overall vibe of your space. Whether your room has a traditional touch of decor or modern elements of design, the vibrant colours of abstract art paintings can easily brighten up the place and make the decor look lively. 

You can even dedicate a space to prop up wall art that can be changed over time or even hang abstract art pieces above your furniture to give a new look to your home. A room that was previously suffering from an identity crisis can suddenly make sense with statement wall art as their main attraction.

Find this abstract art print from GoingDesi here: Framed Abstract Art

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4. Art Inspires and Fosters Creativity

Art has always been used as a platform to conceptualize, inspire and bring out creativity. This especially benefits younger kids who are in their growth phase. Art in their rooms does not only enhance their artistic ability but also allow creative thinking and foster inspiration. Art prompts children to fantasise, explore, imagine, expand their perceptions of reality and to dream of other possibilities. It teaches them how to be creative and have fun in life.

Find this wall art frame from GoingDesi here: The Colourful Moon Day Framed Art


5. Original Artwork Can Be A Great Investment

Many art enthusiasts love incorporating artwork of well-known artists to not only make the home look more aesthetically appealing but also as a way of collecting famous art. Well nowadays, art collectors have started investing in budding young artists whose local artworks are affordable as well as have the potential of becoming the next masterpiece in the near future. So investing in young artists as well as your home decor can have incredible benefits in the future.


Art inspired individuals from every walk of life. For most art collectors, art prints are not only about the visual appeal but also the personality, creativity, insight, inspiration it brings to the table. Therefore, it is important to choose art that you are not only able to experience visually but also be inspired and uplifted by it daily.

If you are in need of wall art pieces that are affordable and suit your style, you can check out GoingDesi and browse through a variety of art prints.

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