Eclectic Home Decor Trends That Are Popular This Decade!

Eclectic Home Decor Trends That Are Popular This Decade!

What’s in trend today may not suit your style in another 5 years! Especially when it comes to home decor, achieving the evergreen status takes a while. However, some design trends are known to stand the test of time for decades together and have been chosen by interior design experts to stay in vogue beyond 2020. 

Let’s check some of the wildly popular interior design and home decor trends that are likely to keep their style status beyond 2020.


1. Natural elements

Incorporating natural elements in your living room area has been a long-standing tradition when it comes to aesthetics home decor and even today it continues to wow homeowners with its rustic appeal. Living rooms and office spaces are the most popular choice to add natural elements.

Some of the natural materials that you can add to the space are wood, stone, rustic fabrics, a touch of green, and copper. Many interior designers also add natural colours like beige, orange, yellow, and light blue to this mix to complement the space. For extra jazz use decorative and artistic pieces like wooden shelves, wood and copper chandeliers, wooden wall art frames, candles with rustic fragrance and so on.

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2. Geometric prints

Taking a complete 180-degree turn from natural elements, geometric patterns and prints are the new eccentric and modern of the century. Visually appealing to a newer generation, geometric prints are a trend that suits smaller spaces and works really well with a bedroom or dedicated sitting space that has an already contemporary vibe to it. 

Filled with form and functionality, the trend for geometric home decor is seen everywhere from bedside tables, lampshades, wall art prints to wallpapers and rugs. If carried out skillfully, this home decor trend can be a visual masterpiece for your home and will bring out your unique style of elegance and eccentricity.

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3. Artistic Aura

Love for art runs in every soul and this decade is all about flaunting it! If you’re an artist or art enthusiast then this trend is for you. Soulful, vibrant and all over the place, this home decor trend is all about creating your masterpiece on the wall. So bring out all your wall art and display it in all its glory for the world to see (or your guests in this case!) 

An important part of creating an artist’s aura is the side characters that need to go with the theme and are just as important. A great tip is to add a lot of elements to the space like a snug couch, rug, a wooden table, some brass lights, and decorative pieces. The more materials used in the home decor, the more the space looks authentically unique. 

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4. Monochrome Designs

Black and white monochromes are a thing of the past, so you can count this as a monochrome 2.0 home decor trend!

What to do when you want to breathe colour into the room and yet keep it elegant and subtle? Viola! Vibrant monochromes are an absolute hit for homeowners who want to experiment with bold colours but don’t want to go overboard. Since we have established monochromes don’t have to be a pale or neutral colour, you can choose colours like aqua blue, emerald green, or deep purple that showcase a personality. 

When it comes to decorative pieces, you can stick to one or two big additions that complement the space like a home decor painting, or a contrasting side table.

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5. Minimalistic Interiors

Since minimalism has become a lifestyle choice for this generation of homeowners, this home decor trend grows popular by the day and rightly so. Its luxurious appeal and saturated colours add a class to the home decor and office space. Even with a contrasting hue of solid greys and blacks, minimalistic home decor never loses its charms or appears dull. 

Neutral tones are a style choice for many homeowners as it allows them to experiment around the decor front and add patterns, textures, fabrics, art and more without thinking much about a specific colour scheme. If you’re planning to implement minimalistic home decor, you can easily experiment with fur, brass elements and bold home decor paintings that stand out in the crowd.

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This the start of a new decade with a lot of space to experiment with new themes, colours and patterns. If you’re just starting to decorate your own space or upgrading your home decor style to match current trends, you can go ahead with any of these interior design and home decor trends that are surely rocking this decade.

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