Dress Up Your Dining Room Wall With These Quirky Wall Art Decor Ideas!

Dress Up Your Dining Room Wall With These Quirky Wall Art Decor Ideas!

The need for a chic and elegant dining room is a long-awaited goal for most homeowners especially because the room is an open-ended space which gets a lot of limelight. Whether you’re bringing in guests or having a family gathering, your dining room is always in use!

It’s one of the spaces that needs both beauty and functionality to work hand-in-hand as it plays an important role in your home. Therefore, decorating your dining room with merely a few wall art decor items will not suffice. Dining rooms need a personality and theme to complement your entire house. Working with wall paintings, ornamental decor, color themes and artworks can amp up your dining space in minutes only if you know what fits your interior decor.

To help you out, we have come up with 6 quirky ways you can spice up your dining room decor. Check it out!


1. Bring Home The Outdoors

Breathe life into your space by going for a nature inspired theme in your dining room.  

Incorporate potted plants and succulents around the table for an organically stylish look. For the room decor, you can add to the theme of nature by plastering your wall with nature paintings and wall art decor that remind you of Spring and gives off a fresh feel to the space!

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2. Brighten The Space With Color

Empty walls in big open spaces can instantly make a room feel dull and lifeless. Don’t make that mistake with your dining space. Choose artwork that matches with your color theme and suits your design style. Use bright colors for your furniture that matches your wall art decor. A pop of colour sure goes a long way. Additionally you can use great lighting to brighten the space if natural light does not come in.

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3. Add A Touch Of Wood

Dining rooms that have an ongoing wooden and rustic theme look amazing! If you’re into the austere vibe, you can add wooden furniture and centerpieces for the room that gives off a natural tone to the space. Don’t forget to complement the design by showcasing some wall art decor with wooden frames that add to the theme.

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4. Go Minimalistic

There’s nothing like a minimalist dining room in the 21st century. You can also incorporate metallic and rose gold tones to the room with the furniture and light designs and prop up modern art paintings to match the vibe of the space. These space designs are perfect for a loft house or studio apartments to give a classy vibe with minimal spacing. Prop up some minimalistic wall art paintings and you’re good to go!

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5. Create A Royal Ambience

A completely opposite direction to minimalism, you can go all out with your dining room space for a royal and majestic look. Add traditional Indian decor items, centerpieces and wall art decor that will complement the space and make your home look straight out of the history books!

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6. Flaunt An Urban Decor

For a more balanced and casual dining space, you can experiment with urban styles and decor that are more trendy and give a casual yet chic overall look. Use bright colours for your furniture, add funky wall art decor and quirky pieces that complement the vibe of the room. And you will end up with a very urbanesque and trendy space!

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The setting of a dining room is such that it needs to complement all the other rooms in the house. Since it is an open space, much of the attraction is headed towards the dining room. And a great space can surely make a lot of heads turn. A final piece of advice is that while decorating your dining room with the above ideas, try to match the space with the overall theme of the house as a whole. We love dining rooms that stand out but make sure to not overdo it!

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