Best Diwali House Decoration Ideas To Spruce Up The Festive Season

Best Diwali House Decoration Ideas To Spruce Up The Festive Season

We are just in time for one of the biggest festivals in India, Diwali and the celebrations are just getting started. From clothes to gifts, literally everything in this festive season is draped with sweetness. With all the Diwali preparations going on, festive goers also have to think about a big aspect of Diwali, Home Decorations!

We are sure many of you are excited to deck up your home with new items while thinking of some house decor ideas to make your home look brand new this Diwali. To help you out, we’ve curated a list of Diwali house decor ideas that you can purchase for this festive season.


1. Drapes And Linens

One of the most purchased Diwali house decoration items are draped and linens. Whether it is pillow covers, bed sheets, curtains or new fabrics for your sofas, soft furnishings are a great option to switch your home decor during Diwali. For this special occasion, you can go all out with your linen and drape decorations by choosing bold patterns like jacquard along with hints of shimmer. These patterns look great for the festive season and the texture gives your home a new shine.


2. Decor Art Frames

One of the best Diwali house decoration ideas is to add some unique elements to your home. And what’s better than decorative art pieces. You can buy some suitable art frames that match your festive decorations and hang it on display for everyone to compliment. It is sure to light up your home decor! The best part is that art frames will stay in trend long after the festive season is over. 

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3. Dining Sets

Diwali celebrations mostly include a ton of guests coming in and going out. So upgrading your dining room and silverware set is a good idea! From incorporating candles, laced centrepieces, and elaborate placemats to matching gold-trimmed cutlery set to your dining room decor, there is a range of items to choose from! 

Nothing will wow your guests this Diwali more than plush table runners and tableware in your dining room!


4. Coffee Table

Whether it is about setting the mood or the food, centre table is a key part of your Diwali house decoration. A coffee table or centre table brings your entire living room together so definitely take some time to choose the best one. There are a wide range of centre tables available to choose from – wood, metal, glass, mixed-material, etc. But if you’re looking for a coffee table that matches your Diwali vibes, you can go for one with gold trimmings and glass top to complement the decor.


5. Decor accessories

Diwali house decor cannot be complete without the Diwali accessories that brighten up your home! These small accents and accessories are the ones that breathe life into your house decoration. From travel souvenirs you’ve kept for years to flee market purchases and family heirlooms, it’s time to bring them all out to complete the larger picture. If you don’t know where to start we suggest going for metallic showpieces, crystal and glass decor as well as gold and brass furnishings to really bring out the grandeur of the festival of lights!


Diwali is definitely a festival that will brighten up your life so make sure to keep your home decor bright and decorative. We hope these tips will help you decorate your home creatively.

The excitement of Diwali is already here, so we’ll keep bringing you Diwali decoration ideas and gifting tips to make your festival season rocking! Be sure to check this space out for more and shop art frames for Diwali only on GoingDesi-

Have a Happy Diwali!

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