Abstract Wall Art Ideas To Refresh Your Home Space

Abstract Wall Art Ideas To Refresh Your Home Space

When looking for a wall art, many homeowners and decorators shy away from picking up beautiful abstract wall art pieces for the spaces simply because of the nature of complexity that abstract wall art brings to the canvas. But that is not true. 

Abstract wall art can sometimes be a little overwhelming to look at due to the vibrant colours and patterns that it flaunts but contrary to popular belief, abstract wall art is a great addition to your home decor if you want the space to look and feel mature. If you are looking for ideas to incorporate abstract wall art into your home, here are few ways you can do it:


1. Living Room

Living room decor is always important because it draws the most attention and also gives away a clear idea of how the rest of the house looks like. If you’re planning on adding an abstract wall art into your living room, you should stick to the basic colour scheme of the room. Matching the colours of the wall art to the rest of your living space not only complements the decor but also makes the living room look well-kept and neat.

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2. Kitchen And Dining Space

When it comes to the kitchen and dining space, you can play around with the colors depending on your furniture. If your dining space has a woody and natural undertone, it is better minimal abstract wall arts that focus on a single colour scheme. But for a more modern and approachable space with a white backdrop, you can easily experiment with a more vibrant abstract wall art to keep the space alive.

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3. Bedroom

Your bedroom wall can be a great place to experiment with all types of abstract wall art that matches your style. From luxury to minimal, you can play around with the style and tone of the space to match your art. A great way to elevate your room decor is to use abstract wall art to accent one wall with vibrant colours to make it eye-catching.

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4. Hallways

Hallways and passages are always dull with lowlights and minimal to no furniture. This is a great space to, therefore, hang up vibrant abstract wall arts that can heighten the passageway with a splash of colours. Abstract wall art in hallways are a great idea to attract your guests attention as well as to cover those empty walls in the passage.

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Whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern home decor, abstract wall art is a perfect choice for any kind of space. The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing an abstract wall art for your space is to first decide on an overall tone and color combination that you are going for and then invest in an art that will complement the room; right from the furniture, cushion to wall paint. This way even if you choose a vibrant abstract art for the space, you will know exactly what colour scheme to go for! 

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