About Us

For The Love Of All Things Desi!

Vibrant. Quirky. Indian.

Celebrating the spirit of modern India, GoingDesi brings you a home and lifestyle brand that showcases a quirky mix of colours and patterns in everyday objects that hit very close to home.

With a passion for authentic Indian elements and curated designs that suit the urban soul, we don’t just create a product, we create a lifestyle.

How Did We Get Here?

We fell in love with the Desi Culture and decided to take
our relationship public!

Freshly brewed by a young team of designers who were so inspired by Modern India and the colours, patterns, as well as culture it holds that they decided to create an authentic store dedicated to amplifying the desi culture.

With the help of our creative design skills that are heavily influenced by the culture that surrounds us, we bring you GoingDesi, a brand that embodies every aspect of the values, art, and traditions it soaks in!

What Happens Behind Closed Doors?

Sshh! There are creative minds at work.

A lot of designing, doodling, scribbling, daydreaming, and coffee goes into creating unique art that is printed on products you love! From phone cases, t-shirts, art prints, accessories and more, we bring together authentic designs in vibrant colours that are a celebration of Modern India and put a lot of thought into creating quirky designs that scream DESI.

With GoingDesi, you can never Go Wrong!

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