6 Ways To Add Wall Art To Large Walls For Your Home

6 Ways To Add Wall Art To Large Walls For Your Home

Large wall spaces are sometimes hard to decorate and no matter what wall art you put up, the decor often lacks the oomph homeowners look for.

But it doesn’t always have to be that way. Even though a big blank wall might feel intimidating to decorate, a little investment on your part can take the boring wall space to a whole new level. There are a lot of creative ways to deck your walls that will suit your budget and style. Take a look at these 6 wall art ideas for large walls in your home.


1. Wall Murals

Wall murals are an easy way to cover up a wall space with minimal effort. Of course, you can always DIY it for your touch of creativity or leave it to the professionals. Wall murals especially work out beautifully when done for a large living space as the wall art comes out as a complete picture in one flow.


2. Wallpaper + Large-Scale Art

Sometimes wallpapers aren’t enough to jazz up a large space and require extra decor aesthetics to dominate the large space. In this case, you can add attractive wall art that will complement the wallpaper beneath and also act as the focal point in the room.


3. Classic Gallery Wall

Gallery wall art is a classic choice for homeowners to decorate a large wall space with creativity and pizzazz. You can go for a blended style adding more than one type of wall art including photographs, abstract artwork and decor accents or keep it simple with minimalistic and monochrome art for a uniform look.

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4. Textured Wall Decals

Wall decals look good on large wall spaces where you have already decided on a theme or colour scheme. Most homeowners go for a wood-planked or exposed brick wall decals for a more rustic and natural look to their study space but you can switch it up for a subtle and aesthetic wall decal for a minimal look to the space as shown in the picture above.


5. Book Collection

A bibliophile’s personal paradise is creating an extra-large bookshelf wall with a collection of their finest books from across the globe. But to add the extra oomph to your bookshelf wall you can rearrange your bookshelf in a colour-coordinated and textured way which will make the bookshelf look more appealing in nature.


6. Large-Scale Artwork

A real investment for homeowners that can be a statement piece for a long time is purchasing a large scale wall art to make up for large wall spaces, especially in your dining or study rooms. You can always opt for originals if you’re into collecting art or purchase affordable wall art prints here.


Large wall art does not always mean you have to spend a fortune on wall decor to reimagine your living space. You can always use your imagination and creativity to fill the large scale wall with art pieces and prints that go very well with your decor without emptying your pockets.

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