6 Wall Art Ideas To Personalize Your Home Office In 2022

6 Wall Art Ideas To Personalize Your Home Office In 2022

It’s 2022 and you probably are thinkings of ways to make changes for the better. How about you start with that blank wall in your home office setup? Blank walls don’t inspire anybody whether you’re working out of a workspace or at home. And especially right now, as most people work from home, it is all the more important to decorate and set up an inspiring home office space that motivates you to get up and work every day.

While furniture and office supplies become an essential part of office decor, today we will focus on the empty wall that stares back at you when you think of ideas! Let’s check out some creative ideas that can spruce up your home office.


1. Feature Wall For Inspiration

Do you find inspiration in the artwork of Van Gogh? Or maybe you find yourself lost in the graffiti of Jean-Michel Basquiat? Get any masterpiece that speaks to you and feature it in print on a canvas or large poster. Artwork boosts creativity and helps reduce stress so you won’t regret it.


2. Travel The World From Your Home

Right now the closest you can come to travelling the world is through a world map! A large world map wall decal or wallpaper that covers an entire wall is the most creative way to decorate your wall. You can mark the countries on this map where your company is present. You can mark the countries on the map where you have visited. World map wall art leaves a lot of space to play around. Above all, it makes amazing wall art for your home office.


3. Create A DIY Canvas

You can buy a few canvases and paint in colours that match your office furniture and other decors. Depending on your drawing skills, you can paint anything from flowers to eye-catching abstract art. These can be individual pieces or you can even create your own canvas spread.


4. Install Floating Shelves

This is one of those home office artwork ideas that minimalists will love! If you’re struggling to find space to add decorative pieces to your home office, try putting up hanging shelves on your wall. They’re easy to set up and don’t take up too much room.

Hanging shelves are perfect for minimalist decor enthusiasts. They’re one of the many home office decor ideas that you need to check off your bucket list.

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5. Add Aesthetic Quotes

Everybody needs motivation. Nobody can stay motivated all the time. If you aren’t getting motivation from anyone else, you should work on motivating yourself. You heard that right. You don’t have to rely on anyone because you can do that favour to yourself. Hanging a canvas on your office wall with your favourite saying would get the job well done. Every time you look at it. It will be a reminder that you need to achieve bigger things in life.


6. Invest In An Acrylic Wall Calendar

Meeting deadlines and keeping track of all activities is what keeps you ahead of others in any workplace. At times, things are so jumbled up that they start slipping from your hands. In such a case, a large acrylic wall calendar is super helpful. It lets you mark important dates. Since it is large and displayed on your office wall, it just can’t go unnoticed or forgotten. Other than keeping you safe in front of your manager, it also makes an attractive wall art. It brings a blank wall into the function while serving a decorative purpose as well.


Thoughtfully decorated offices can have a positive impact on your motivation and overall mood. Comfortable furniture, plenty of light, a few touches of green, and room to add personalized wall decor are key elements in creating a work environment that you don’t mind spending all day in. Do let us know which one of these tips you used to decorate your home office.

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