6 Wall Art Ideas to Decorate Your Space In Neutral Tones

6 Wall Art Ideas to Decorate Your Space In Neutral Tones

When it comes to a colour theme, many homeowners go with neutral tones. Decorating your home in neutral tones not only gives off a peaceful and calm vibe to the space but also requires minimum effort. No matter why you choose neutral colours, it is also important to pick the right wall art pieces and decor ideas to add dimension and not leave your home bland and boring!

So if you’re naturally drawn towards neutral colours and spaces, here are a few wall art ideas that can help you decorate your home in neutral tones.


1. Statement Wall Art Pieces

Large statement pieces are majorly trending at the moment. Give your living room’s wall a feast for the eyes with neutral patterned wall art that goes perfectly with the theme. It will end up complimenting the colours you have in the room while maintaining its neutrality.


2. Wooden Medallion Wall Art

When you are focused on simple and neutral decorating, it can be a good idea to opt for more intricate wall art. You can always play around with texture by adding large wooden pieces of medallion artwork in your home to make your space look mysterious and unique.


3. Metallic Wall Art

While we are on the subject of texture, you can choose different fabrics and surfaces to stick to the neutral shade of decor while making the space look elegant. A perfect example of this is going of metal art or sculpture in brass, gold or brown tones to spark attention and maintain the colour theme.


4. Neutral Art Print Gallery Wall

Gallery wall looks amazing for spaces with minimal furnishings and decor items. And if you’re going for a minimalist and elegant look, neutral gallery wall art works wonders for the overall vibe of the space. Pick from an amazing selection of black, white and neutral art to make your simplistic home come to life.

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5. DIY Plate Wall

Even though many may find hanging plates on a wall rather unusual, porcelain plates double beautifully as elegant art pieces that look great and gives the neutral edge that you are looking for. You can piece together different size plates for a unique style and vision that none of your friends can buy from a home decor shop! Pro tip: mix colours along with some monochrome statement white porcelain plates for a glamorous visual.


6. DIY Boho Basket Wall

If you’re looking for an all-round neutral, rustic look for your space a basketball wall art decor is the perfect fit. You can even mix different shades of baskets to bring variation to the natural aesthetic of your home. Farmhouse interior motifs and rustic designs are in trend right now so this is the perfect time for a neutral basket wall art installation.

Wall art in a neutral colour palette is one of the best choices for interior decoration because it complements the space without looking too cluttered. You can easily opt for a bunch of wall art decor and your space will not look overwhelming or artsy! Neutral colour wall art works best for minimalistic spaces and helps bring together a ton of varying textures and patterns. So definitely try these neutral wall art ideas and let us know which one worked best for you.

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