6 Unique Ways To Display Wall Art Paintings In Your Room

6 Unique Ways To Display Wall Art Paintings In Your Room

Stumped on how to hang your favourite works of art? With ideas for gallery walls, symmetrical arrangements, and mixed media displays, our roundup of creative art arrangements has a solution for every blank space in your home. Check out 6 creative ideas to display wall art paintings in the room, one for every occasion!


1. Prop out ledges for wall art

Picture ledges are a stylish way to organize framed and matted photographs. Mix them into your gallery wall display to add dimension as well as function. Not only can the shallow shelves host artwork, but they’re also perfect for showcasing small mementoes, sculptural objects, and even houseplants. Lean and overlap frames to avoid blank spaces; fill in with edited accessories in unique shapes.


2. Hang In Odd Numbers

Learn the “rule of threes” to apply to your wall art projects. In general, odd numbers of objects are more interesting to the eye. You can arrange odd numbers of objects symmetrically for an ordered approach, or go for a more creative, casual look with an asymmetrical arrangement. Hanging in odd numbers is also a good technique to use when hanging diverse items such as plates, platters, and other collectables.


3. Go Vertical With Art Arrangement

Work with the shape of the hanging surface. On a narrow wall, for example, hang one tall picture or painting. Or arrange a number of smaller items, such as these vintage silhouettes, in a vertical pattern along with a door frame.

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4. Stairways Full Of Art

Although this type of stairstep arrangement can be more difficult to measure and hang, it has a huge impact on a stairwell area. Artwork in a variety of sizes helps fill the space without the arrangement feeling too angular. Black frames with white mats unify the design.


5. Strength Of Symmetry

The asymmetrical arrangement is created when each half of a display is the mirror image of the opposite side. For example, one mirror flanked by a pair of lamps or a trio of prints over a centered bowl. Here, the symmetry of the framed art pieces is echoed by the pair of chairs on either side of a side table.


6. Shine a Light

Sometimes less is more when it comes to displaying artwork. Create a high-end look with a single piece of artwork and a picture light that provides low-wattage lighting. This invites viewers to get a closer look and showcases a beloved photo or painting.


Wall art paintings are a great choice for homeowners as a way to revamp their home and give it a fresh feel. The key is to understand your space and buy the right wall art painting that accentuates it. Use these 5 tips to creatively hang up your art how you want. 

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