5 Ways To Redecorate Your House Just In Time For Diwali

5 Ways To Redecorate Your House Just In Time For Diwali

Diwali house decoration is a big part of the festive season and marks the onset of celebrations in every home. Since Diwali is a huge deal for a majority of Indians, homeowners take Diwali house decorations very seriously. It is also a good time to get started with the deep cleaning of your house and redecorate for the rest of the festive season.

So if you’re looking for tips to redecorate your home for the festive season, we have curated a list just for you! Check it out.


1. Upholstery Renovation

Many homeowners go for a big change when it comes to Diwali house decorations, which means renovating upholstery, switching sofas covers and curtains to bring in the festive mood. From sequinned-cushion covers to gorgeous lines, you can make your home come to life by adding a zing to the decor.


2. Festive Decoration

Diwali house decoration cannot be complete without some festive decor. And during this festive season, diyas, colours and flowers are your best friends! So you can go all out for your festive decor by creating beautiful flower rangolis, hanging mandalas and paper lanterns to light up your home and bringing good vibes in the house.


3. Wall Art Frames

An important part of Diwali house decoration is to amp up your interiors. Give your home a new look by hanging unique wall art frames and paintings which will make your house more colourful and vibrant for the festive season.

Try repositioning your furniture as well to suit the wall art which will come together to complement your room.

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4. Pooja Room Decor

Pooja room is an essential part of the festive season and the centre of all activities during this time. So it is important that you give special attention to this holy room and decorate it for the auspicious occasion. You can go all out for your pooja corner starting off from fairy lights, Diyas and candles, gold and brass finishes lamps and a pedestal for the Idol. Use fresh flowers and pooja thali to decorate on the day of Diwali to make your pooja room centre of attraction.


5. Furnitures And Fixtures

Many homeowners are keen on investing in big items on the occasion of Dhanteras and home decor furniture, as well as appliances, are the most sought after during this time. So when planning for a complete Diwali house renovation you can invest in unique furnitures, coffee table, light fixtures and a lot of brass and gold home decor item as most of these items have heavy discounts during this season. It is the perfect time to change out any unwanted piece of furniture that does not match your decor for a brand new one.


As the Diwali festival is almost here, our excitement is off the roofs and there is a different air of happiness everywhere. With home shopping and cleaning on everyone’s mind, we hope you found these Diwali house decorations helpful for this occasion and can implement it in your home as well. 

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Have a happy and safe Diwali!

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