5 Ways To Incorporate Colorful Wall Paintings In Your Room

5 Ways To Incorporate Colorful Wall Paintings In Your Room

Wall decor is by far the most interesting and fun part of owning a home. It can be daunting but once you start, there’s no stopping the creative juices flowing. From shopping for the perfect living room furniture to decorating your favourite wall in the house, it definitely brings out your creative selves. 

But what makes your home decor fun and attractive is adding colorful wall paintings to the dullest corners in your house and livening them up. Wall art not only adds vibrance to your space but also brings some depth and culture to your home. If you;re on your way to shop for some colorful wall paintings but don’t know where to start, here are some tips to display and incorporate colourful wall paintings into your decor.


1. Large Scale Originals

For art lovers who are really into collecting and purchasing original art prints, this is a great tip. An original colorful wall painting can do wonders for your home decor on its own. And since originals usually come with a wooden or metal frame, it can stand alone to become the centrepiece of your room and grab all the attention.


2. Focus On Frames

If you are someone who is into colorful wall paintings and want to hang up their own art or even buy paper prints sources locally, you should focus on framing it. The right kind of frames can work beautifully for your room and will accentuate the rest of the features in the space. Textures really matter when it comes to choosing frames. Metals, woods, or even brass fittings can complement your space when it is combined with the same material all over the room. The key is to stick to similar textures for a perfect flow. You can choose hundreds of different frame options and styles that can easily be designed to fit your drawing or painting.


3. Colourful Gallery Wall Paintings

If you want to hang different things and cannot choose, the best way is to go for colorful wall paintings in a gallery style decor. You can mix and match different artists or even art styles together and showcase your selection of wonderful pieces to your friends and family. You could even combine it with a selection of differently sized drawings, fine art giclee prints, and original paintings, and even include other types of fixtures.

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4. Use Open Shelves to your Advantage

Colorful wall paintings do not always have to be bold and in-your-face beautiful.  Sometimes subtle display of wall art is the perfect way to opt for a relaxed and casual feel to the home. Instead of cluttering your wall with art, you can add several of it, spread across open bookshelves. These artworks can be beautifully displayed in between other accessories and home decor items to bring the space together.


5. Pair Up Colourful Wall Paintings

Decorating colorful wall paintings in pairs can be the best way to create simple and sober gallery wall without having a lot going on in the space. Like the photo above, you can choose artworks that complement each other or buy art prints in pair so that it matches the backdrop and your decor theme. This arrangement could be a great way to showcase two of your favourite works and works best with matching frames in place.


Choosing the perfect colorful wall painting for your home can take time, but believe us it is worth it. Once you go all in, wall paintings can transform your space like no other. This is why wall art is the first and most important choice when it comes to home decor because whether you like it or not, those empty walls don’t impress anybody!

Let us know which of the above suggestions works best for you.

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