5 Ways To Decorate That Empty Wall Space In Your Bedroom

5 Ways To Decorate That Empty Wall Space In Your Bedroom

A bedroom is one of the cosiest or comfortable places to lie down at the end of the day and let the steam off. But when it’s a blank space, it doesn’t feel so much comforting anymore. You can add scented candles and the warmest of lamps but without the aesthetic decor, the empty wall space will keep staring down at you.

Most people overthink when it comes to cover up a wall space in the bedroom. What colour to go for? What art to hang or what kind of shelves to put up. It might not always be easy but with a little inspiration, you can definitely narrow it down.


1. Hang patterned Rugs

Want to give your room that aesthetic cozy vibe without putting a lot of effort into it? Go for rugs as wall hangings. It can be a makeshift tarp or a minimal pattern rug, it will definitely add a DIY or Pinterest inspired look to your room. You can even contrast it with your drapes or carpet to make it the centre of attention.

And the best part is it will take most of the wall space so you don’t need to hang more items to fill up the wall.


2. Make a Gallery Art wall

For a more put-together look, you can go for an elegant or quirky gallery art wall. Choose from symmetrical or asymmetrical styles and fill the wall with art prints that match the colours and vibe of your space. 

For gallery art, there’s a lot of options to choose from, but our favourite is asymmetrical art frames that give a texture to the room.


3. Mount a Sculpture or Mirror

If you want to settle for one piece of eye-catching attraction, you can go for modern metal sculptures or big vintage mirror frames that can be mounted with a little help. This adds dimension to your space while making the room look an ornate beauty.


4. Add a World Map

Want the world in your room? Then why not do just that! A very new and fun trend is to hang posters or frames of large world map outlines that look aesthetically pleasing and give a travel theme to your space.
You can make a vibrant collage of different maps or even add a world map mural to fill the wall.

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5. Create an Accent Wall

When it comes to covering up an empty wall, many people opt for wall paintings to create an accent. It definitely gives your room an elevated look and speaks for itself. On top of that, you don’t have to invest a lot of time thinking about any additional wall hangings because the look is complete in itself.

If your accent wall has some textures and patterns it will liven up the space even more.


Bedroom decor can certainly be stressful especially when you want it to be visually appealing every time you step in. But with the right decor inspiration and some tips from above, you will definitely reach there. So use the above tips and let us know which one worked best for you!

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