5 Wall Framed Paintings For Your Home To Liven Up Your Decor

5 Wall Framed Paintings For Your Home To Liven Up Your Decor

Home decor is essential to any owner as it reflects on your personality and style to any family or guests coming in. This is why we always want to put our best foot forward, whether it is through hospitality or home decor.

If you’re looking to give a twist to your home decor, wall framed paintings make for the best option to start and then build a theme from there. Many homeowners opt for wall framed paintings because it can beautifully add vibrancy and elegance to your home with minimal effort. In this blog, we will explore the 5 wall framed painting ideas that will liven up your space.


1. Modular Framed Paintings

Modular framed paintings are a technique to divide a single image into two or more pieces and hang them side by side for a harmonious look. This way the individual pictures retrieve their uniqueness but also come together to make one whole. There can be as many variants as you like in modular wall framed paintings and they are a great option for modern living rooms. 

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2. Figurative Wall Framed Paintings

Who doesn’t love line artwork that is uniquely yours and gives a classic and subtle touch of beauty to a minimalistic space. Be it a cosy bedroom decor or a simple study room, figurative framed paintings can magically transform your space with its minimal style. If your interior is simpler and modern, it is a good idea to also focus on the colour of the frame that suits the room.


3. Abstract Wall Paintings

Everyone loves abstract wall paintings, whether you understand them or not, it is a beautiful site to look at. This is why one of the best choice is to go for bold abstract art when thinking about wall framed paintings in your home.

Not to mention, beautifully layered abstract framed paintings in sets does wonders for a rather simple and sophisticated living room, grabbing the attention of the entire room.


4. Monochrome Wall Framed Paintings

Everyone has their own choice of colour and theme when it comes to home decor. If you are someone who loves neutral colours and themes, monochrome framed paintings should be your go-to choice. 

An attractive black and white wall art add the right amount of visual and class into your decor space that you never knew you needed, and depending on the space you might even like to increase the size of the masterpiece.


5. Extensive Gallery Wall

More is always better, especially when it comes to wall framed paintings. If you love a little challenge, go for an entire wall art gallery in your living room that will help you brings your empty wall space back to life. Gallery frames paintings have the advantage of filling the entire room with vibrancy and style. 


Starting with home decor seems challenging but once you’re in the flow, it is easier. You only need to have a minimal sense of style and decor which takes a little time. Once you get into it, your understanding of decor will come naturally. But if it doesn’t we’re always here to help. Let us know which of the above wall paintings idea helped you the most in the comment section below.

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