5 Unique Vintage Wall Art Ideas To Decorate Your Home Space!

5 Unique Vintage Wall Art Ideas To Decorate Your Home Space!

When it comes to wall art types, home owners are often attracted to vintage wall art and wall art trends in general that can be showcased at home and elevate the space altogether. 

Whether you purchase vintage wall art from an antique store or shop online, it surely makes for a unique and timeless addition to your wall decor. These wall art types introduce a sense of history and give a classic touch to your home. If you’re looking for these types of wall art, check out some of these vintage wall art types below:


1. Vintage Animal Wall Art

Taking inspiration from historic art and culture, artists have long tried to replicate vintage wall art through animal stone paintings, showcasing the true prehistoric paintings that leave everyone mesmerized. These vintage wall art elevates your home space especially when paired with natural wooden elements or nature inspired themes. This specific vintage wall art looks right at home, giving a modern rustic feel to the room.

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2. Open Shelving Wall Art Display

When it comes to displaying wall art ideas in your home, you can always opt for unique wall art trends such as open shelving units that can blend with your home design well. Open shelving also serves the purpose of showcasing many vintage wall art together without drilling excess holes in the walls. Open shelving also helps add extra attention to vintage wall art, which you can put on display along with other unique decor elements


3. Stairway Vintage Wall Art Gallery

The perfect way to add character to your staircase and hallways is to hand your collection of vintage wall art on display. Creating a striking gallery with mismatched frames and themes makes the space more eclectic and rustic. If you want a more consistent theme for your gallery, you can choose vintage wall art themes that strike a balance.


4. Grid Wall Art Display

If you feel that gallery walls are a little cluttered or not in unison, you can always create a 3×3 or 4×4 wall art grid of similar vintage art prints that match your decor. With consistent framing and an ongoing theme, your decor will look timeless and attractive. What’s more, these small grid art frames can go with any home decor theme from chic modern to classic vintage.


5. Vintage Landscape Paintings

Vintage landscapes are probably one of the most popular wall art trends right now. These large black and white photos stand out in the crowd because of the subtle hints of colour that is spread through the monochrome art. This wall art has a grey background with red splashes throughout giving a rather vintage feel to the city of London. 


If you are someone who is attracted to art from a different era and thinks beyond time, vintage wall art is a must-have in your art collection. These wall art types are not only in trend right now but they help create a home that is interesting and unique to you. After all, the old school charm stays long after all trends have been exhausted. Try some of these wall art trend ideas and let us know which one fits best for your home.

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