5 Types Of Indian Art Paintings To Add To Your Home Decor

5 Types Of Indian Art Paintings To Add To Your Home Decor

Indian art paintings are a true reflection of the deep-rooted history of its culture and heritage across generations. From the grand Mughal paintings of the Mughal Era to the world famous Madhubani art from the 7th century, Indian art paintings are a burst of colour and vivid mythological descriptions throughout. 

Not to mention Indian art and art painting look beautiful in a traditional-inspired home decor and tell a very descriptive story that is unique to our culture. So if you’re looking for Indian art paintings to add to your home collection, here are a few to start with:


1. Madhubani Painting

Madhubani art paintings are originally derived from a village, ‘Madhubani’ in Bihar where this art form was born. These Indian art paintings usually have themes that revolve around mythology, Hindu Gods and various royal court scenarios. Therefore, this folk art painting will look beautiful in a traditionally-inspired home decor as the vibrant colours and traditional patterns brighten up the walls.


2. Tribal Art

India is home to more than 2,500 tribes, ethnic and indegineous groups. It is therefore one of the main sources of culturally diverse art forms and paintings that have been handed down the generations. From 400 year old Warli art from the ethnic tribes of Maharashtra to the Saura paintings from the jungle tribe found in Odisha, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh, most of the tribal art paintings display the glory of nature, or family scenes that depict everyday life. Tribal paintings have always been inspired by the daily life of the ethnic groups from huntings, farming, weddings and festivities to worshipping.

Tribal art suits the bohemian furnishing and decor in modern homes. If you’re going for a more rustic and natural decor for your home, you can consider handing Warli paintings to bring the touch of primitive and rustic. You can find tribal Indian art paintings from GoingDesi here: Buy Indian Tribal Art Online


3. Mughal Painting

The Mughal paintings date back to the 16th century with deeply seated roots in Indian, Persian and Islamic cultures. This amalgamation of art styles forms a synthesis which is different from other Indian art paintings. Mughal Indian art paintings are widely popular for depicting themes around battles, receptions, court scenes, hunting scenes, legendary stories, portraits and wildlife. Because of the variety in the art paintings, Mughal art is a great addition to traditional homes and home decor.

You can find a range of Mughal Indian art paintings from GoingDesi here: Buy Indian Mughal Art Online


4. Traditional Indian Pattern Art

Traditional Indian patterns have been around for centuries and have been a big part of our culture. Indian art paintings that display these traditional patterns are always vibrant and diverse with richly decorated geometrical elements inspired by paisley, mandalas, block prints and traditional henna designs. But the most important thing to understand is traditional patterns are not just pleasing to the eye but the designs have always had a symbolic meaning behind it. From peacocks, to elephants, these Indian art paintings have always represented fertility and good luck to the bearer.

Since Indian pattern art is very vibrant and colourful, these art paintings will go really well in well-lit, semi modern homes with bright home decor. You can find traditional Indian art paintings from GoingDesi here: Buy Indian Traditional Art Online


5. Indian Abstract Art Paintings

Indian abstract art was conceptualized as early as the 50s but only started flourishing in the 1970s. Fairly new, Indian abstract art paintings range from art pieces that depict a reflection of contemporary society to simple and minimalistic art that depict nature.

Since abstract paintings are a part of contemporary art, this form of Indian art painting will go well with modern yet minimalistic home decor. You can find Indian abstract art paintings from GoingDesi here: Buy Indian Abstract Art Online


Every Indian art painting has a long-lasting and vivid history which beautifully depicts the culture and beauty of that era. It is worthwhile to know that our Indian art styles have so much cultural significance and diversity which is a source of inspiration even today. That is why, even in this modern era, old Indian art paintings are of significant value and can easily find a place in our homes. 

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