5 Tips To Display Art Prints For Your Bathroom Decor

5 Tips To Display Art Prints For Your Bathroom Decor

Classy, elegant or unique, wall art prints do not only belong in your living room or bedroom. Along with your main rooms, it is important to decorate your bathroom to make it more presentable and clean for guests.

Apart from that, a well-decorated bathroom also works beautifully with your interior decor and often features artwork that matches the decor style. Adding art prints in the bathroom will definitely create a sense of thoughtfulness and beauty, turning the bathroom from a purely functional space to somewhere you look forward to spending time. Check out 5 tips to display art prints in your bathroom.


1. Use Soft Artwork for a Cozy Feel

One of the most common and artistic ways to add art prints is to display one large piece of artwork in the centre with a soft and sombre theme in the background.

These delicate art pieces along with elegant metalwork help create soft grey tones that are perfect for your bathroom decor.


2. Add Wallpaper For Extra Appeal

Everything looks good wrapped in black and white wallpaper, and so does your bathroom! From floral decor to a mid-century mix, there are a variety of wallpapers you can choose from that will make your bathroom feel relaxed and unique. But even with wallpapers, aim for continuity as keeping everything in the same colour scheme helps to prevent the look from becoming too busy. You can always add wall art prints over the wallpaper for extra effect.


3. DChoose a Focal Point

Using portrait wall art print as your focal point in the bathroom walls can be a great way to add some depth in an otherwise greyscale bathroom. The art print showcased here, instantly attracts the eye and gives a sense of movement to the space. If you want to keep your bathroom more minimal, a single but substantial piece of art is a perfect choice because it does not clutter the space and still fits your style. 

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4. Don’t Be Afraid of Dark Colors

Dark bathrooms are usually not a preferred choice and even if it is, people often don’t know how to style it. This image above shows a great example of how we can use the same colour schemes to connect art prints and decor elements in the bathroom to bring together a beautiful art piece without making the entire space looking out of place.


5. Fashion an Eclectic Escape

Want the right balance between modern and subtle colour themes. This gorgeous bathroom shows how the delectable mix of white and cream colours showcases a beautiful featured art carefully chosen to complement the space. You can go for similar designs keeping in mind that a plethora of colours and textures will help you achieve the perfect ‘eclectic bathroom’


Your bathroom shouldn’t be a quick fix but a thoughtful investment. It is the one place in your house that is unavoidable, so you should definitely style it to complement the rest of the house. When it comes to bathrooms, we suggest you get creative with the empty walls and choose art prints that best suit the space.

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