5 Tips To Create The Perfect Gallery Wall Art For Your Home

5 Tips To Create The Perfect Gallery Wall Art For Your Home

We all love hanging favourite pieces of wall art in our homes but to make your space look neat and artistic, you need to plan your wall art pieces ahead and convert it into a gallery wall art space that holds all your favourite pieces and match the room decor.

Putting together a gallery wall can be a daunting challenge, especially if you’re doing it on your own. So to help you out, we’ve curated 5 important tips to help start hanging pictures like a professional.


1. Start With a Plan

It is always important to keep a plan ready and figure out what types of wall art will you be hanging. This will help you envision the perfect gallery wall art space without putting a lot of effort. 

You can either sketch it out, lay the pieces on the floor or temporarily tape it all together to understand if the gallery wall art is coming together.


2. Find the Right Space

Now that you have everything you need to hang that piece of artwork, you’ll have to decide where to hang it. Whether it is in your living room above the sofa, your bedroom shelves or your hallway, pick the perfect place that will make your gallery wall art stand out.


3. Hang Your Focal Point at Eye Level

You don’t have to be an art connoisseur to know that an art piece needs the right place to stand out from the rest of the home decor. This is called a focal point. Typically for gallery wall art, you need a focal point around which other wall art pieces will come together. You can either pick up the largest piece on display or one that attracts you the most. Hang that piece first and let the others surround it.

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4. Spacing Is Important

Once you’ve established your focal point, it’s time to build out the rest of your gallery wall. For this, you need to pay attention to the spacing. It is always a good idea to keep 3-6 inches of space between each art piece and remember consistency is the key to gallery wall art. Correct spacing also allows for the eye to flow easily from one art piece to the next without creating a disruption in the pattern


5. Expand Gallery Wall Over Time

Curating a gallery wall art space isn’t a one day work. It is fairly obvious that once you start, slowly you will be able to create a gallery wall art with art pieces that truly move you. And the key is to be patient and invest in art that genuinely touches your soul.


Creating a gallery wall can take a little more time and effort, but it comes together eventually when you invest time and effort in it. There are many types of gallery wall art that you can use, but it would be a good idea to first sketch it out on paper before beginning to visualize it on your wall. If you haven’t created your gallery wall yet, it’s time to start now! Use these tips to create an amazing gallery wall that will beautifully stand out.

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