5 Stunning Canvas Prints For Your Home Under ₹2500

5 Stunning Canvas Prints For Your Home Under ₹2500

Canvas prints are an ideal choice for interior decor professionals and enthusiasts due to their unique, raw, and classic way of showcasing art. Canvas prints are very versatile as they can fit into any decor theme and lighting setup. They come in different sizes, have no options for glares, and the printed colours really give a detailed look.

If you are looking for Canvas prints for your home that are both stunning and economical, then you have come to the right place! We have listed 5 Stunning canvas prints from GoingDesi that will adorn your homes. Check them out.


1. Flowers In Harmony Canvas Art

This ‘Flowers In Harmony’ Indian canvas art just looks immaculate for rich, darker themed walls. Complement it with warm coloured lights and rugs, and golden decor with wooden or brown furniture to create a very vintage,  royale Indian look.

Price- Starts from 2,199

Product link: https://www.goingdesi.com/shop/wall-art/canvas-art/indian-canvas-art/flowers-in-harmony-canvas/


2. Purple Abstract & Pink Lemon Fantasy Canvas Art

Abstract art assigns a visual stimulation in the eyes of the beholder. The shapes, colour, line, texture, pattern, composition and process bring out subjective interpretation. They make incredible choices for living rooms. You can pair two abstract canvas prints together to make a statement. For the background, keep it minimal with a few pieces of side decor and some greens.

Price- Starts from 2,199

Product link: https://www.goingdesi.com/shop/wall-art/canvas-art/abstract-canvas-art/purple-abstract-canvas/ https://www.goingdesi.com/shop/wall-art/canvas-art/abstract-canvas-art/pink-lemon-fantasy-canvas-art/


3. Cave Animal Canvas Art

This cave painting is giving history and culture. Bring this home to give it more meaning to the overall aesthetic. Hang this frame near the entrance wall with warm lights and minimal side decor to put some weight on your interior.  You can hang this wall art on any sitting area like in your living room, balcony, or corner walls as well.

Price- Starts from 2,199

Product link: https://www.goingdesi.com/shop/wall-art/canvas-art/vintage-canvas/cave-animal-canvas-painting/


4. B&W Brush Abstract Canvas Art

Here’s another attractive abstract art piece that will go really well in your bedrooms with good light exposure. It will especially go well with neutral tones and furry beddings paired with furry rugs. When coupled with unique art pieces in the room, it can make your bedroom stand out. 

Price- Starts from 2,199

Product link: https://www.goingdesi.com/shop/wall-art/canvas-art/black-white-canvas/brush-abstract-canvas-art/


5. Trail Of Mountains Canvas Art

The neon purple landscape will go perfectly in a fantasy-themed room. You can hang it in your room, your guest room, or any special corner of the house. To complement the neon colours, add funky decor pieces to give your place an irresistible charm. 

Price- Starts from 2,199

Product link:



If you like to try something new for your home decor, then canvas prints are really a great choice. Their classic and raw look initiate an artistic touch to your place. You can get them in a variety of colours, designs, and forms of art.  You can showcase that you are an art enthusiast to all your guests. Doing all these without draining your wallet. So, go ahead and choose your fit of stunning canvas prints from GoingDesi.

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