5 Savvy Ways To Bring Life To Your Empty Staircase With Wall Art Decor

5 Savvy Ways To Bring Life To Your Empty Staircase With Wall Art Decor

In the midst of decorating bedrooms and living rooms, homeowners sometimes may overlook parts of the house that seem trivial but in reality are the key factors in making your home look glamorous and stylish. 

The rule of home decor is to never forget that lonely corner of the hallway you pass by every day or an empty staircase because all these spaces are essential to complement the decor and make a great segue to the main attractions.

Especially when it comes to staircases, homeowners usually leave them empty or hang 2-3 wall art pieces to fill the space. Now, even though art prints are a great idea to jazz up your staircase, there needs to be a theme or plan to work with. In this blog, we’ll discuss some savvy wall art decor ideas to help you transform your staircase:


1. Play Around With The Layout

Before getting into the process of decorating your staircase, it is advised to lay out a proper arrangement of how you would like your wall art decor to be on display. When individual art pieces are displayed in unison of sorts, rather than being scattered, it complements the room in its entirety. 

You can go more creative with the space and add elements and shapes to bring together the layout. Add bold letters and structures other than art prints or paint a tree over which you can hang your wall art decors. Shapes also look great on the staircase wall, be it triangular, square or the simple rectangular format.

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2. Stick To A Theme

Sticking to a colour palette or a specific theme of the home is one of the safest options to make your home decor look charming and scream creativity. Choosing a theme for your staircase can also help make the individual wall art pieces come together to create one large masterpiece. 

However, it does not always mean you have to make all the art uniform in colour and size. For example, the theme of the room can be modern with elements of abstract and figurative art complementing the space or you can go colourful by adding a splash of colours through the art pieces as well as the furniture and decor!

You can consider different themes depending on the overall decor style and preference.

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3. Light Up With Neutral Colours

Because staircases are usually found in the corner, there is a possibility that they don’t offer a lot of natural light coming through, making the space dark and dingy. A great way to transform this space is to try decorating the area with neutral tones and hang artwork with white frames.

To amp up the look, you can also consider painting the staircase with white which will make the room look more bright and neutral tones will help light seep in.

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4. Make A Statement With Wallpapers

If you want to ditch the wall art frames and opt for something modern and easy to implement, you can always go for wall decor murals or wallpapers. This is an easy and sure-shot way of enhancing the staircase space with little effort. 

Adorning the walls with gorgeous wallpapers not only adds a ‘wow’ factor but also makes your staircase stand out. But make sure to choose a wallpaper that complements the entire room space and follows a specific colour scheme.

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5. Put On A Children’s Gallery

Lastly, if you want to keep the setting to a minimum and give a homely vibe to the space, you can always put your children’s art on display and turn the staircase into a home art gallery. This will also allow the space to look more personal and snug.

Not to mention, it will give you ample space to flaunt your children’s creativity and talent to every guest at your next dinner party!


As useful as they are, staircases should also serve the alternative purpose of jazzing up your home decor, and not just for Christmas! For many homes, it is the first thing you see when you enter the house so it is essential to make sure it’s beautiful to look at. 

It can get a little overwhelming decorating a specific corner of the house but if you know the basics, to begin with, everything comes together at the end. Try out the tips given above and comment down below if it worked for you!

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