5 Popular Wall Art Trends For Your Home Decor In 2021

5 Popular Wall Art Trends For Your Home Decor In 2021

2021 is about making all the big changes in your home interiors. With new trends setting in, we are looking at a range of wall art that is widely popular among artists and homeowners. This year the selection of wall art is hugely inspired by individual personalities that can be vividly reflected on the canvas and give character to space.

This is why we are looking deeper into the 2021 wall art trends that can help you modernize your home decor and provide a magnificent visual for guests. Check out these 5 wall art trends of 2021 for inspiration!


1. Photography Buff

Photography art prints are steadily on the rise. The distinctive contrasts and colourful imagery plays beautifully to the naked eye and definitely leaves a mark! But what makes photography art stand out is the simplistic artwork’s ability to transfer us to a different time and reminisce the beautiful beachside or the alluring city view through the photos.


2. Statement Portraits

We always connect with human faces and emotions, so it’s no different when it comes to art frames. Portrait art has become a trend in modern houses as statement pieces that become the centre of attention in the room. 

You can choose a happy or mysterious statement piece to depict the vibe and mood of the space depending on the decor!


3. Nature Inspired

Everyone loves the calming and relaxed aspect of nature for their home space. Green has always been a choice of background or colour or wall art when it comes to adding that natural element to homes. While some go for their own collection of houseplants, others ‘bring nature indoors’ by adding Nature and Landscape art prints on the wall to make the house more aesthetically pleasing.

One thing’s for sure, we all know which is low maintenance!

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4. Animal portraits

For the undying love for animals and pets, designers have come up with animal portraits for you to hang in your living space, fully expressing your unconditional love for animals or a specific animal. This has resulted in the appearance of animal prints on pillows, rugs, carpets, cushions, and even curtains.


5. Figurative Line Art

Not going out of trend this season also, the recurring line art has become a crowd favourite. This intricate yet simple design is every minimalist’s dream decor. Even though the art only gives a monochromatic effect with black lines on white background, the complete work brings out an attractive visual enough to stop people on their path!

It’s a definite hit on the markets making the demand sore up high and artists recreating their favourite pieces on every surface possible. This artwork beautifully for minimalistic modern homes with monochrome backgrounds.


2021 has paved the way for many new trends and upcoming styles to the art scene. There’s definitely a good mix of modern and classic art trends that are catching the attention of a wide range of people. 

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