5 Large Scale Wall Art Ideas To Decorate Huge Walls In Your Home

5 Large Scale Wall Art Ideas To Decorate Huge Walls In Your Home

Is there a big blank wall in your home that for some reason you cannot cover up?

Choosing a large piece of wall art can be a big investment in terms of style, space, and wallet. But the good news is, there are tons of super creative, budget-friendly ways to deck your walls and suit any style.

Whether you love a classic gallery wall or are looking for something a little more off-the-wall, here are 5 creative ways to decorate a large wall space in your home.


1. Large Scale Wall Paintings

It is possible to make a major visual impact without putting a million nails in your walls or spending a small fortune. Purchase one super-sized piece of art that you absolutely love and won’t want to replace it with something else in a year or two. Large-scale engineer wall art prints are an extremely affordable way to fill your wall space without breaking the bank. Plus, you don’t feel so guilty swapping them out with something new after a few months.

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2. Wall Art Murals

A hand-painted mural, whether you DIY it or leave it to the professionals, is a great way to add depth, colour, and interest to any sized wall. Murals are especially smart for an oddly shaped space where it might be hard to fit furniture or artwork.


3. Woven Wall Hangings

These days woven wall hangings are super colourful, stylish, and impactful. It is possible to create an amazing, woven wall hanging with a weaving kit from your favourite local craft store, but plenty of makers offer custom designs, so you can choose the perfect size, colours, and textures for your space.


4. Classic Gallery Wall Art

Highly curated gallery walls came onto the home decorating scene over a decade ago, and have remained a popular pick with home decorators ever since. We recommend blending different styles into your gallery walls like photographs, abstract paintings, line drawings, and three-dimensional objects to avoid a super uniform look.


5. Open Shelving

You can create a massive display of your favourite framed photos or images, tchotchkes, plants, and other home accessories with a few sturdy, wall-mounted shelves. Bonus: When you feel like changing up the look of your wall, you can simply swap out the displayed items with new ones from around your house.


Blank walls can be a little in-your-face, especially if they are dulling the entire look of the space. But don’t let that disappoint you. With all these ideas, you can easily, cover or create wall art decor that will suit your space. Let us know in the comments below which wall art idea worked best for you.

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