5 Fresh Canvas Painting Ideas For Tricky Decor Spaces In Your Home!

5 Fresh Canvas Painting Ideas For Tricky Decor Spaces In Your Home!

Decorating homes is not just about the living rooms. Often, it is the trick spaces that have an awkward empty wall that we never know what to do about. Unless you find the right balance, size and colour to suit the decor in those nooks and corners, your decor can go in a completely different direction. 

But there’s good news, there’s always a sure-shot way of covering up blank walls in trick spaces that can never go wrong- Canvas paintings. It’s been done a million times, and it still does the trick. To help you along, we’ve selected some canvas painting ideas that will make you fall in love with the tricky spaces around your home.


1. Create a sophisticated kitchen

Bare walls with open shelving have become a standard when it comes to minimal decor. But it’s time to step outside the box, after all, it is one of the places homeowners spend time cooking and cleaning. It definitely deserves an uplift. 

To make it go from a default cooking space to a place where you can relax with a drink in hand, you can hang a sophisticated canvas painting that can take your kitchen decor to the next level. Food photography or a statement piece can the perfect art to fit the space.


2. Brighten up your bathroom

Bathrooms are a necessity, but it is also a tricky space to decorate. That is why when it comes to bathrooms decor, you might want to consider light and blue tones that are cheerful and breezy. 

You will want to stick with marine decor, add planters and pick a canvas painting piece that will light up the space yet keep the decor to a minimum.


3. Dress up your dining hall

Dining rooms often come with display cabinets that make the space look small and stuffy. But you can easily change this design to create a more open space that is welcoming to guests as well as not looks like a cluttered mess. 

You can say goodbye to the extra pieces of furniture and instead fill up the wall space with a large canvas painting or two, that will match the theme and tone of your dining room. 

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4. Add colour to your home office

Your home office is one space that needs to have the right balance of cosiness as well as sophistication. It can be tricky to decorate the space because one has to find a middle ground to inspires them to be productive but also be comfortable enough to spend hours cooped up, working. 

One of the crowd favourites is definitely beachside and marine decor, travel themes and bright spaces. You can add canvas painting according to a theme you prefer or also stick to motivational quotes for a more inspirational effect. 

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5. Make way for a delectable guest room


Guest rooms are not frequently used but definitely gives an impression every time is in use. So naturally, your guest room should always be decorated with a subtle elegance that is warm and welcoming to your guests that make them want to stay back. For guest rooms, you can work with bold canvas paintings in a minimal room design that gives a perfect vibe to the room makes for a great guest experience.


Your home offers you many opportunities to get creative in more ways than one. Even though it’s not hard to create a colourful and elegant space to live in, sometimes working through spaces might need a lot more thought and ideas. We hope these ideas help you navigate through the decor and find the right inspiration for your room.

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