5 Framed Wall Art Ideas For The Bedroom That You Should Absolutely Try

5 Framed Wall Art Ideas For The Bedroom That You Should Absolutely Try

When planning to decorate your bedroom we look for calm and relaxing vibes. But that doesn’t always mean that the decor or style should be kept to a minimum. Since your bedroom is probably the best comfort spot for you, it requires a befitting transformation that makes the room stand out. 

Whether it is quirky wall art ideas for the bedroom or DIY decor plates hanging on the wall, your bedroom wall decor should never go empty. So we’ve gathered 5 framed wall art ideas for the bedroom today that can help you transform your space.


1. Abstract Art Frames

Abstract wall art ideas for the bedroom is all the rage right now. Abstract art prints also go very well with subtle colour themes and a minimalistic look. You can place it above your dresser or on the spare wall for the desired effect.


2. Vintage Framed Art

Vintage always comes back in fashion and so when it comes to wall art ideas for the bedroom, this is definitely a go-to choice. If you’re into room designs that look rustic or historic in nature, you need to incorporate vintage art frames for a classy look. Neutral colour themes also do a great job of complementing the vintage art.


3. Black-and-White Photography

We are all fond of the classic monochrome walls but navigating through a chunk of dark colours may be difficult. So a good alternative is selecting monochrome wall art frames instead of painting the entire wall black. This wall art idea for the bedroom works both ways to elevate your bedroom decor.

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4. Gallery Wall

One of the wall art ideas for the bedroom that make the best statements is the gallery wall. In a minimalistic setting, you can frame monochrome art prints and hang them in unison on your blank wall. This not only fills up the space but becomes the centre of attention in the room.


5. Frames In Frames

Framed wall art ideas for the bedroom look good but what truly elevates the space are wall panels engraved in your bedroom. It makes your room look elegant and you can add framed art inside each panel like the image above for a cohesive and chic look. This room decor is unmatched but also will require professional help. 


These are the 5 framed wall art ideas for the bedroom that you can definitely try out. We are sure that these ideas will not only elevate your space but also bring in a fresh bolt of creativity in you. After all, decorated spaces are much more inspiring than boring blank walls. We hope you can bring individual characters to your bedroom with these ideas. Let us know in the comments below which one worked best for you.

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