5 Easy Spring Home Decor Ideas To Refresh Your Space!

5 Easy Spring Home Decor Ideas To Refresh Your Space!

As we welcome the Spring season and say goodbye to the cold winters it is time to make a few changes to your home and lifestyle as well that will help you adapt better. Winter makes us want to wrap inside a blanket and cosy up whereas Spring is all about being breezy and fresh! And most homeowners right now are looking for a breezy and relaxing vibe for their home decor as well to increase overall productivity, feel fresh and happy while taking in the warm summer light.

Even though the spring season calls for a change in decor, you don’t need a full-blown makeover to set things right. With a few furniture switch-ups and vibrant colours, you can perfect the spring look for your home. To help you out, we’ve listed down some of our favourite home decor ideas that will do the trick!


1. Add a little greenery

Spring is incomplete without a vibrant dose of greenery and fresh flowers that bring life to your living space. When going for a spring theme decor it is important to map out spaces for your planters and propagations. You can easily spread them across your living space on the counters, windowsills, or outside on the balcony.


2. Seasonal art frames

Spring reminds different people of different sceneries. It can be a beach or a sunny morning for some and maybe an ocean view for others. You can easily capture your emotions of Spring through canvas art or art frames that evoke the theme of the season. These landscape art frames create a relaxed and breezy vibe that your space needs.


3. Make mirror magic

Mirrors are a great decor item and also helps brighten up the space. You can use a large vintage or any statement mirror piece to add to your spring room decor and create an illusion of a more spacious and bright room. On the other hand, small mirror pieces on side tables also function as decorative objects while adding a touch of glimmer to your space.

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4. Let the light in

A major part of the spring aesthetic is a well-lit room with bright natural light seeping in. 

This is the perfect time to maximize the sunlight coming into your room by rearranging the linens and drapes. Opt for light or white colour curtains that will let the light in and have an overall fresh effect on the room.


5. Play with pastels

Sometimes choosing the right colour might get tricky. Whether or not to go for bright colours for furniture and fittings or just stick to a trusty white has always been a conflicting choice. If you’re undecided between the two colour ranges, you can turn to layer with pastel hues that are calming to look at and also elevate your room style. You can even add small accents of pretty pastels such as cushions, carpets, or curtains that add a subtle yet lasting mark on the room decor.


The Spring season always has a lot in store for us, so to start this season with a fresh vibe, try decorating your house for a visual aesthetic. While we stay safe at home, we have a lot of time in our hands and can definitely start these small projects right away. Do let us know which of the above tips worked for your spring decor in the comments. 

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