5 Creative Ways To Show Off Wall Art Paintings In Your House!

5 Creative Ways To Show Off Wall Art Paintings In Your House!

Homeowners are always on the lookout for unique wall art paintings to style their home and redecorate. But simply buying an extravagant piece of wall art does not make your room pop out. A very important aspect of bringing ‘art to life’ is to know exactly how and where it should go to suit the architecture and design of the space, something that homeowners usually need help with.

The process of hanging wall art paintings can be a little daunting, especially because there is no right way or strict rules to it. It totally depends on how many wall art you want to display and what vibes does your home decor gives. So it’s always a good idea to go through some wall art inspirations that will give you an idea of what you want the final outcome to look like. And to ease you into that process, here are some creative wall art painting arrangements that you will love:


1. The Classic Center Masterpiece

Starting off with a classic, a centrally hung wall art painting is every homeowner’s dream. It is the go-to arrangement when you want to hang a single, large piece of wall art painting that matches with your room decor. This is also very commonly seen in living rooms and dining spaces. Granted that both portrait and landscape wall art paintings can look amazing centered over your couch or table, however there are a few things you should keep in mind.

When hanging the wall art in the center, alignment is necessary. The center of the wall art painting should be directly above the center of the piece of furniture. The art should also have a 5-8 inches space in the bottom to separate the furniture and the painting.

If you’re hanging it above a couch or low back chair, set the wall art painting up so that the bottom of the art is 5-8 inches above someone’s head when sitting.

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2. Transformation With Twin Wall Art

A very creative way to showcase wall art paintings is in pairs. You can either hang a two-piece wall art painting together at a gap of 3-4 inches or if you have one large piece of art, you can crop it exactly in two halves, frame it separately, and then hang the wall art paintings side by side. This creative way to display a piece of art does work wonders for your home vibe and attracts more attention because of the break in the flow of art. 

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3. Display A Gallery Wall Art

Gallery walls make a bold statement in your house especially when you have a lot of wall art paintings to display. Gallery wall art paintings can completely change the look and the feel of the space, be it entryways, halls or living rooms. To bring together a beautiful gallery of wall art paintings, treat the gallery wall as one large piece of art and place accordingly. And if you’re arranging the gallery wall above a couch or furniture leave 5-8 inches of room in between the furniture and art pieces.

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4. Opt For An Alternative

Casual home decor is very much in style right now. Therefore, you can easily go for a leaned frame look instead of hanging wall art paintings in your home. Mini paintings look great on a nightstand, book table, or even over a shelf. But if you want to go for larger pieces, oversized statements also look amazing when leaned on a large furniture. It’s a nice way to distract the eye, by creating a beautiful variation in size and scale.

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5. Create a Grid

A grid of wall art paintings look really neat and fir perfectly on a side wall in the hall or near the stairs. The best part of creating a grid is to choosing art that looks great together and therefore, giving the feel of a singular piece, yet standing out on its own as each piece. 

This art display idea is perfect for a large blank space, such as above a sofa, bed frame, or entryway.

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Wall art paintings are a great choice for homeowners as a way to revamp their home and give it a fresh feel. The key is to understand your space and buy the right wall art painting that accentuates it. Use these 5 tips to creatively hang up your art how you want. 

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