5 Creative Ways To Incorporate Wall Art In Your Small Bedroom

5 Creative Ways To Incorporate Wall Art In Your Small Bedroom

For bachelors living in different cities for work, studio apartments or single occupancies are the most popular choice to have your own space as well as not spend a lot on rent. But studio apartments or 1BHK’s comes with their own challenges, especially when it is time for you to decorate the apartment. 

When there’s not a lot of space in the apartment, there’s only so many pieces of furniture you can fit in the rooms. Living in small apartments needs requires you to take advantage of every space available, whether it is horizontally or vertically. Therefore, when it comes to home decor, you need to get creative with your ideas. 

This is where wall art comes into play. Not only do wall art prints help you style your room but it can also give the illusion of something bigger, even in a small area. To help you get started, here are some of the more creative ways you can add wall art to your small space.


1. Include Statement Wall Art Pieces

Adding a statement wall art piece is a great start to your bedroom decor. Go for vibrant and bold wall art that contrasts beautifully with your furniture and takes all the attention away from the size of the room. A powerful yet minimal art will do the trick.


2. Go Small to Exaggerate Wall Size

Two is always better than one! When you have a small bedroom it is a good idea to break up the space with two small wall art prints that will exaggerate the size of the room as well as save you the money of buying a large wall art. 

If you’re going for two wall art pieces, choose twin art pieces that look and feel similar.

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3. Stack Wall Art Vertically

When horizontal space isn’t enough it is a good idea to use the vertical space in your room. Stacking wall art pieces vertically gives the illusion of height in your room, therefore, making the space look larger than it is. You can even use an accent wall for this trick.


4. Keep Colors Neutral

Neutral or toned down colour schemes are a great way to add brightness to the room and make the space feel bigger. With soft natural light reflecting neutral colours, your space will feel much larger and blend well with monochrome or vintage wall art.


5. Fake a Window

Not all urban spaces and small bedrooms are blessed with the perfect window sill with natural light pouring in. When such a challenge arises you need to make use of what you have and create your own beautiful scenery. Plan your perfect paradise, be it a mountain, a beach or a sunset and open your room to a nature retreat with wall art that reminds you of the perfect day.


Even if you have a small bedroom, it can be a space for unlimited possibilities once you get creative. Like we’ve mentioned before, if horizontal space limits you, use a little imagination to liven up your space with wall art pieces that complement your bedroom decor. Let us know which one of these wall art you incorporated to decorate your home.

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