5 Creative and Fun Wall Art Ideas For Children’s Room

5 Creative and Fun Wall Art Ideas For Children’s Room

Children are very creative, which is why every mother and father should turn the bedrooms of their children into a magical space. Using wall arts or wall decors, decorating your children’s bedroom is never too hard. Remember, wall arts or wall decors come from various sizes, patterns, colours, and types that you can choose from and according to the design you want to achieve.

Whether it is dinosaurs or space rockets that peak their interest, the best wall art should be vivid, vibrant, and open up the imagination of your child. If you’re looking for some inspiration, browse through these decorating ideas that you can easily tackle yourself.


1. World Map Mural

Add a wall mural in the form of a world map and your kids will be hooked. It is fun to look at as well as learn from. A full wall map combines the best of both education and decoration. Kids and teens alike are sure to appreciate this fun geography lesson later in life.


2. Animal Wall Art Prints

Buying canvas prints of fascinating animals, from lions, tigers, cats to elephants, is intensely intriguing, especially for your kids! If your kids love animals and are interested in images, this animal wall art is a perfect option!

This animal wall art for sure will capture your little ones’ imaginations bringing them to the world of the jungle!

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3. Kid’s Drawings or Painting

You don’t have to spend a fortune decorating rooms for your kids. And, if your children are old enough, they may also engage in the process of making their own wall art like the one they paint or draw.

Consider converting your child’s art into framed art for their bedroom if you want custom wall art. To build an exclusive gallery wall that you’ll be proud to show off to friends and family, simply buy identical frames in different sizes. You can also convert the artwork into individual canvases using a top company for printing canvas.


4. Chalkboard Wall Paint

Does your child love to draw? Let their imagination soar by painting their walls with chalkboard paint. The vast canvas allows them to show their creativity and change their artwork at any time, too.


5. Multicolor Washi Tape

Now, this is a DIY you and your child both can get behind. Use multiple colours of washi tape to create a fun, chevron-inspired design as an accent wall in your kid’s room. It’s a less permanent way to add colour and pattern to the space.


Sometimes rather than cracking your head thinking what will suit your kid’s room design, it is easy to just ask them. Kids surely have a more vibrant and fun vision when it comes to creative projects. Let your kid choose a theme and you can implement it in a smart and effective way. All these ideas of wall art for kids’ bedrooms will make your planning and designing easy. Let us know which wall art idea worked best for you.

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