5 Budget-Friendly Interior Tips To Make Your Home Decor Look Expensive

5 Budget-Friendly Interior Tips To Make Your Home Decor Look Expensive

Designing a lavish and elegant space for yourself can be difficult, there’s no getting around that. From picking a colour scheme, settling on a budget, and finding furniture, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Also, a big drawback is that it will make your wallets run dry. But this doesn’t mean you cannot upscale your current decor without breaking a budget. 

If you’re wanting to spruce up your home but don’t want to spend a lot of money, there are a number of things you can do to give it a new, more lavish look.


1. Switch Light Fixtures

Nothing brings a room down faster than dated, builder-grade fixtures. Consider updating things like faucets and light fixtures to immediately upgrade your space and better suit your personal style. And while you don’t have to spend a fortune to get drastic results, consider splurging on extras like touch-responsive faucets for a truly luxe feel.


2. Go Big With Art

Update your home’s artwork with one statement piece. When you hang an oversized piece of art by itself, it has a big impact. Look for inexpensive, fun pieces at thrift stores and flea markets or shop online with amazing deals. You can check out Goingdesi for affordable and high-quality art prints.


3. Get A Statement Rug

Ground your furniture with a statement-making rug. Not only does it bring everything together, but it also lays the foundation and really sets the stage for the rest of the room. An area rug adds much-needed warmth, texture, and colour, and the larger the rug (and more of your furniture arrangement you are able to comfortably include on it), the more custom and luxurious it will look.


4. Update Hardware

A simple yet effective way to dramatically change the appearance of your furniture, such as cabinets and dressers, is by updating the knobs and handles. If you’re trying to upgrade your kitchen and make it feel warmer, interior designers recommend using brushed brass or copper hardware.


5. Add Moldings To Your Wall

If your walls are bare besides the occasional artwork, consider adding molding to the baseboard, chair rail, or ceiling for house decorating ideas. When it comes to decorating your home to look high-end and custom-made, details are key. Moldings bring the ceiling and the walls together, giving them an elegant appearance. Without this finishing touch, rooms tend to look cheap or unfinished.


Upgrading is a great choice when you know what you want and how much you can spend. Choosing the right paint colours, avoiding cheap, poor quality items, and shopping wisely is the best tricks interior designers use to create high-end designs. Take the time to create a budget for each section of your home, thinking about the savings you can find by shopping at smaller stores, such as secondhand shops, consignment shops, and even flea markets. You may be surprised at what you will find, and how easily it is for you to create an elegant looking feeling home even on a tight budget.

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