4 Popular Wall Paintings Online That You Need To Add To Your Collection

4 Popular Wall Paintings Online That You Need To Add To Your Collection

No doubt, there is a variety of wall paintings online that are attractive beyond measure and can definitely stand the test of time. But when we look for wall paintings online we usually find art prints that match our style and look extraordinary in our living rooms. 

This is the reason why, when selecting wall art for your home, it is important to look for options. Popular wall paintings online can give you an idea as to what is trending right now as well as what kind of aesthetic you are in for. To help you understand, we’ve curated a list of popular wall paintings online that you can definitely add to your collection.


1. Contemporary Wall Paintings

Contemporary wall paintings online are in the eye of the art trend. It is can be easily termed as chic elegance because buying contemporary art pieces will definitely bring a balance of modern yet tasteful stylish to your home decor look.

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2. Pop art prints

From 90s pop art retro style to the modern vibrant pop art, everything is back in style for wall paintings online. What is especially fascinating is the incorporation of vibrant and vintage pop art prints in rather minimalistic and chic home decor today, as shown in the picture above. We are here for this unique decor mix. 

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3. Black and white art print

Monochrome wall paintings online are one of the most sought after art prints. Because of the minimalistic quality, it succeeds in elevating the home decor as well as creating the right balance between bold and neutral colour themes. Monochrome art is definitely a statement piece to have in your home.


4. Abstract

It’s not a surprise that abstract wall art is on the list. When it comes to wall paintings online it definitely is one of the bestsellers. Depending on the type of style you go for, abstract wall art can add a bold and dramatic statement to your home or complement the subtly of the themes.  

Before you shop for wall paintings online, you should have a final theme and design in mind that you love and will complement the space. Even if you are unsure of the type of wall art, you can always play around with colour schemes beforehand. Let us know if these are ideas worked for your home space in the comments section.

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