4 Modern Wall Painting Ideas To Hang In Your Living Room

4 Modern Wall Painting Ideas To Hang In Your Living Room

Who doesn’t love decorated paintings for wall in their home? It adds vibrancy, structure and style to your room decor and boosts your living space. Plus beautiful modern paintings for wall adds a touch of elegance and panache to your home. 

This is why, when if you are looking to make your living space more modern and elevated, you need to hang modern paintings for wall that will match the vibe. Here are some creative wall painting ideas that will work for you.


1. Triptych Modern Paintings For Wall

A triptych is a piece of art that is shown in three panels. These modern wall painting ideas are made up of 3 artwork that leaves a great impression on your living room wall. You can match your modern wall art decor through a theme. This can be neutral in colour giving a warm and modern feel to the space.

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2. Monochrome Modern Wall Art

For a more monochrome or neutral look, you can check out monochrome paintings for wall that are a sight to behold. These modern wall painting ideas add the right amount of oomph to your living room and can easily complement the space without attracting too much attention.


3. Framed Modern Art On Shelves

If you don’t just want to hang paintings for the wall behind your sofa, you can mix things up with wooden shelves to display the modern art pieces. This wall painting idea works beautifully, especially when there is quite a lot of space left between the sofa and the wall behind it. It is a simple way to display your art while covering the boring living room wall. Look for great designs of shelves that fit your room’s design and space. You can also add a few accessories to your shelves.


4. An Extensive Gallery Art Wall

An extensive gallery wall brings a blank wall space back to life. You can neatly arrange these modern paintings for wall in order or play around with the space. Try to map out a theme of modern gallery wall art that goes with the space. 


Before investing in modern paintings for wall, it is important to finalize a theme and set a tone for your living space. Modern art comes in a range of styles and prices so go for the ones you can afford and that works for your home style. Let us know if these wall painting ideas worked for your living room decor. 

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