4 Handy Minimalistic Wall Art Tips To Style Your Home Decor

4 Handy Minimalistic Wall Art Tips To Style Your Home Decor

The main theme behind minimalistic home decor is all about less is more. In today’s society when everyone is living a busy and chaotic lifestyle, most homeowners want to come back to a clean and decluttered home which is relaxing and laid-back. 

Well decorating and maintaining a clean minimalistic home definitely helps when you are trying to cut down on the clutter and create a fresh living space but decorating with minimal elements might become difficult for some. This is where wall art plays an important role. Approaching simple yet elegant wall art for a minimalistic home look can be complicated but worth it. Therefore, to help you out, here are a few minimalistic wall art ideas that will pair well with your space.


1. Mix Wall Art With Different Textures

Most homeowners complain that their minimalistic home decor seems too plain. There is a simple solution to this: mixing statement wall pieces with different textures in the room. From wooden ledges and headboards to woolly quilts and woven baskets, you can incorporate different textured elements that complement the room as well as stand out on their own. These pieces together do not overpower the room decor and give a greater feel to the space.


2. Focus On The Wall Art Size

When thinking minimalism, sizing is important. You don’t want to keep the room completely empty as well as overcrowd it. The easiest way to do that is optimal sizing. Add large furniture, wall art and a big planter next to it for spacing but keep the rest of the decor to a minimum by adding fewer elements in the room. 

When going for wall art, select one large art instead of a collection of small ones to fill the empty wall space. 

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3. Invest In Figurative Wall Art

Sometimes, wall art can be distracting when you’re trying to keep the home decor to a minimum and the colour patterns can overshadow the feel of the room. This is why when you are decorating with minimalism, choose wall art that reflects the same vibe. Figurative and minimalistic art can be of help here. The colours in these art prints are to a minimum and the subtlety of the art still makes a beautiful statement in itself.


4. Embrace The White Spaces

Minimalism is all about leaving that extra space. You do not need to cover every inch of the surface to make your home decor look elevated. Even blank walls with just one wall art can look amazing when it complements the room colour and theme. 

You can also use monochrome tones like in the picture to further match your room decor with the wall art and breathe in the white spaces which go with the theme.

It can sometimes be tricky to navigate through minimalistic home decor but if you follow these ideas, you can achieve the dream minimalistic decor you have always wanted. Be sure to incorporate your own element of passion and add a pop of vibrancy to the dull space. 

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