4 Different Types Of Canvas Wall Art Paintings For Your Home

4 Different Types Of Canvas Wall Art Paintings For Your Home

When looking for home decoration elements or simply adding a little colour to your home, homeowners often turn to canvas wall art paintings for their attractive quality, uniqueness and complementary colour tones. From monochrome minimalism to bold beauty, canvas wall art paintings can beautifully capture the true essence of an art and reflect it in your home. 

For these reasons and more, you should definitely consider opting for canvas wall art paintings that will give your old space a new and modern twist. If you’re confused as to what kind of wall art to settle for, here are a few canvas wall art paintings that will guide you.


1. Contemporary Canvas Art

Contemporary canvas wall art paintings are always in style. Because it showcases the art of current times as well as upcoming artists, contemporary art will definitely evoke a sense of realism and reltabiltiy to art lovers throughout the world. 

In home decor aspect, these fresh and innovative wall art does wonders to your space and make it look unique and elegant.


2. Graffiti Canvas Art

Graffiti art has centrainly come a long way. It is no more a type of art that is just scribbled and frowned upon. You can hang graffiti canvas wall art paintings in your home and it will definitely make heads turn. 

Graffiti wall art is also a colourful and vibrant form of expression with social messages, so these thought-provoking art prints make for stunning pieces in every bachelor’s living room.


3. Japanese Canvas Art

The Japanese have the most beautiful, sensual and unique style when it comes to art painting in the world. From calligraphy, silks, origami and woodblock prints, the Japanese have incorporated every delicate and elegant style in their life and turned it to art. Even when we think of canvas wall art paintings we cannot forget the elegance and softness of cherry blossom prints to ancient art that speak of their ancestors through vibrant art.


4. Indian Canvas Art

Coming to our own country, Indian art is not far behind. With our own history and religious elements, Indian traditional canvas wall art paintings is a force to recon with. From colonial era to early modern oil paintings, India art has been influenced for years. When it comes to canvas wall art paintings, there are a range of art from animal prints, to vintage pattern art with Persian influences that we love the most. 


It’s always nice to make space for more creativity and vibrancy to flow into your life. But before your shop for canvas wall art paintings, carry out a quick scan of your house to understand what is missing in your home. Visualizing what kind of art you want to incorporate into your home is always helpful.

If you’re looking for amazing wall art pieces to hand in your home, head over to GoingDesi to find pieces that reflect your style and bring your creative vision to life.

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