4 Creative Art Frame Ideas For Your House!

4 Creative Art Frame Ideas For Your House!

Empty walls giving your space a dull look? It’s time to refresh your wall decor with creative ideas!

One of the most frequent challenges that homeowners are faced while home decorating is the ‘wall spaces’. Decorating your empty wall can be frustrating when you are not sure of what you are looking for. Keeping a specific theme of the tone of the room in mind is usually a great start to decorating the space, that way, you can match your wall decor to the space. 

From art frames, tapestry, wall hangings to wall murals, there are many ways to creatively decorate your wall. In this blog, however, we’ll focus on the different ideas for art frames you can use to fill up the empty space on your wall. If you’re looking for art frame ideas, check out the ideas below:


1. Create A Family Tree

Most homeowners want to use art frames as a means to showcase their family photos and capture beautiful moments forever. An innovative way to do that is to create a family tree with the help of the art frames. This not only adds a sentimental touch to your home but also brings out authenticity in home decor.


2. Fused Art Frames

These days customization of art frames is in fashion. You can customize and fuse art frames into one big gallery that showcases a series of art side by side. These types of fused art frames are great to capture family pictures or even art paintings that you’re passionate about.


3. Hanging Art Frames

Hanging art frames are a great addition to your home as they bring out a fun and creative side to your home decor. You can decorate your kid’s room with hanging art frames of their art painting to add a touch of creativity or even ramp up your living room decor by hanging art frames over the shelves.


4. Twin Art Frames

What we mean by twin art frames is hanging similar art pieces together in symmetry to make the space look aesthetically pleasing. This can be two similar art pieces or even one big art piece split up into 2 or 4 art frames. Choosing unconventional colours and art pieces play a huge role in bringing together this art piece so before you go for this type of art frame keep in mind the tone and theme of the space.


Art frames have the quality to enhance any space in your home. With art frames, there is a simple rule: the more the merrier! You can always bring together a variety of art pieces to make a beautiful art gallery on the wall that will fill up the space and transform the decor. But as always, while choosing art frames for your room, keep in mind the colour and tone of the space and match it with your art frame accordingly.

If you’re looking for beautiful art pieces and art frames to complete that empty wall in your home, head over to GoingDesi to find pieces that reflect your style and bring your creative vision to life.

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