4 Amazing Framed Painting Ideas For The Perfect Gallery Wall Art In Your Home

4 Amazing Framed Paintings Ideas For The Perfect Gallery Wall Art In Your Home

Gallery wall art designs are a recurring trend in the home decor industry. And even though it seems overdone, you can never go wrong with a great gallery wall art in your house.

Framed paintings in gallery wall not only helps you display your collection of attractive wall prints but also adds visual interest in the room, which otherwise seems so blank.

So if you’re planning to add a collection of framed paintings to make a beautiful wall art gallery, check out these creative ideas to add gallery wall art to not only your living room but other spaces as well.


1. Living Room Gallery Wall Series

Hanging your collection of favourite framed paintings in a large living space is most homeowners first choice. Mostly because a gallery wall art helps you fill out the empty space and also it is the frequently used room when family and friends come over. So it makes the most sense to add a dash of colour to your home through gallery wall framed paintings. You can neatly arrange these wall art is series for a more sophisticated look that suits your living space.


2. Framed Paintings In The Staircase

Why let your staircase go empty when you have immense opportunities to fill it with a collection of framed paintings and make a beautiful gallery art that is worth admiring. If you want your staircase to have a minimal design you can add monochrome framed paintings that do not take a lot of attention away from the space.


3. Antique Gallery Art For Dining Spaces

Decorating a dining space can be a lot of fun, especially if you like mixing vintage with modern themes. This specific dining room decor showcases a beautiful mix of vintage framed paintings for an antique gallery wall art design that hangs over a black french moulding wall and brass lighting to bring the whole look together. Mixing and matching different elements and textures sure does the trick.


4. Bedroom Gallery Wall Art

Some people do not like to add a lot of framed paintings and art to their bedroom but a cohesive gallery wall art made up of your favourite pictures can make a lot of difference to your space. A well-decorated room is not enough, you need to add art that calms your soul after a long day of work and a beautifully created gallery art can do just that.


The best thing about creating gallery wall art in your space is the endless possibilities that come with it. The visuals and glorified framed paintings definitely make the efforts worth it. Even if you cannot add a gallery series to a different room, we suggest you should definitely have at least one gallery wall art in your home. Let us know if you tried out our ideas in the comments below.

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